This is the impact of your generosity:

$1,000 sponsors a band of 5 youth at Rock Camp
$200 sends 1 youth to Rock Camp
$125 buys a guitar or two keyboards
$40 sends 1 youth to Rock Camp for a day
$10 pays for drum sticks, picks and more!

In 2012, Did You Know...

- Of the 1,100 youth we served, 

590 were living in residential treatment centers

155 at alternative schools

175 in after-school programs

170 through community outreach 

 -2/3 of our revenue came from individual donors
LIKE YOU!!!!!!  

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2012 Annual Summary


Become a Sustaining Member of the My Voice Music by Giving Monthly

FAN -- $5 monthly
Fan level supporters will receive a copy of the 2012 MVM Annual Student Compilation Album
GROUPIE -- $10 monthly
Groupie level supporters will receive a copy of the 2012 Student Compilation Album and a free digital download of the 2011 Student Comp CD
SONGWRITER -- $25 monthly
Songwriter level supporters will receive all the above and an MVM T-shirt
LEAD SINGER -- $50 monthly
Lead Singer level supporters will receive our 2012 Compilation Album and admission to MVM V – MVM’s signature annual fundraising event
SUPERSTAR -- $100 monthly
Superstar level supporters will receive the 2012 Compilation Album and admission to MVM V and the VIP party
POP ICON -- Above $100 monthly
Pop Icon level supporters will receive a commissioned song written by MVM students or staff, as well as admission to MVM V and the VIP Party

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Volunteer With Us!

We are looking for adult volunteers (ages 21 and up) to work with youth in our independent programs and our partnership programs.  Volunteers will, ideally, be able to attend each class session, with the hope for a minimum three month committment.  Please visit our Volunteer Blog for more information and to download a volunteer application form!

We are also looking for individuals to help us with tabling at booths, facilitating our events, doing office work, cooking benefit dinners (any chefs out there!) and more.  Do you have another idea of how you can help? Give us a call or email and let us know what is on your mind!

Email MVM Programs Coordinator, Calley Ekberg, to schedule a Volunteer Orientation and submit your application:


View Current Program Volunteer Opportunities

Download a Program Volunteer Application


Donate Instruments!

Have you looked in your attic or basement lately?  We are always looking for electric or acoustic guitars, bass guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards, amps and more but right now we need the following instruments the most:

Guitars!  - acoustic guitars, elecectric guitars and bass guitars  

Laptops! - we are collecting a laptop arsenal that is being used to teach youth to create electronic music on free software.  After the programs, they can earn their own computers by volunteering 24 hours of their time at Free Geek!  Laptops do not have to be new but they need to work.  We can not fix them!  (2001 - 2011 models will probably fit us perfectly)

Powered PA Speakers! - we run almost every instrument in our classes through a mixing board and into a PA speaker (that way we can turn the music down, or up, with the flick of a switch!).  We are looking for powered speakers that are of a reasonable quality.  

Other Items:  Guitar Stands, music stands, guitar strings, gig bags, drum sticks and headphones.

You can drop off your gear conveniently at:

Portland, OR 97214 (map it)

My Voice Music is not currently hiring for any positions.