Recent MVM Press

By Mary Masla, OregonASK Field Correspondent,
Oregon Ask visited our Summer Camps in 2012 and liked them so much, they wrote a story about it and chose us as one of their featured orgnaizations to share with their followers!  - Click here for the story

My Voice Music Empowers at-risk youth -- benefit concert on Saturday, May 19  -  Click here for story

Click here to read about the prize, watch a video interview with Ian, and read about why he received this honor! - Click here for story

In the fall of 2011, Ian Mouser had the opportunity to sit in at OPB’s studio and speak with Dave Miller, host of Think Out Loud. The discussion, which centered on up-and-coming leaders at Portland non-profits, was a great opportunity to explain why it is so important to get involved with youth organizations.  - Click here for story

A feature news story that aired in the fall of 2011 while MVM students were ramping up to perform at our 3rd Anniversary event.  Includes interviews with MVM students and staff as well as live behind the scenes footage! - Click here for story

Voted one of 2011's best stories published by Oregon Music News!  - Click here for story

Click here for story

This is a great interview made even better by the animation of Ryan Henley! - Click here for story

A casual conversation with Dennise M. Kowalczyk of Portland's local music champion, KZME Radio - Click here for story